Cargo Dynasty is the educational computer game where you build your own transport dynasty!

Cargo Dynasty is primarily a multiplayer, online-based, sandbox style game, in which groups of students have to compete against each other in building their own transport empire. The students compete on winning bidding rounds, hauling and storing goods while at the same time earning the most money. But it is not easy. Costs and revenue must balance, so a calculator is needed. Staff have to be trained, warehouses built and rules for driving times and resting periods must be complied with. Otherwise, you get fined by the police.

The game is also available in a singleplayer version.

In addition, time and money can be used for pimping the company lorry with cool wheel rims, trendy spoilers and an impressive body finish. But, just as in the real world, this will not earn the company any money.
The player can also choose to play one of the four mini-games and earn points, which can be used to buy buildings or vehicles.

The primary target group for this game is pupils in the lower secondary education. These students are about to choose an academic or or trade school career.
Therefore Cargo Dynasty has been developed to provide a free-to-play computer game, that can attract focus on the career options in the transportation industry thereby attracting new talent to the industry.
Cargo Dynasty has a budget around €1 million and is funded by TSU (The Transport Sector’s Educational Fund).

Ingame screenshots:

Facts about Cargo Dynasty:

  • An online-based, multi-player game designed for use in teaching in state schools and for students of transport in vocational colleges.
  • Groups of students play against each other, competing to build the best, largest and most profitable haulage company. But the game can also be played by a single player.
  • The DKK 7m spent on its development make Cargo Dynasty the most expensive and largest educational game in the history of Denmark.
  • Cargo Dynasty was financed by TSU (The Transport Sector’s Educational Fund).
  • Cargo Dynasty was developed by the TUR Publishing.
  • The actual programming of Cargo Dynasty was conducted by the Danish computer game company, Serious Games Interactive, Denmark’s leading company in the field of educational games.