Cargo Dynasty

– Be your own entrepreneur

Cargo Dynasty is the educational computer game where you build your own transport dynasty!
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Learning by playing

Cargo Dynasty is a educational sandbox style game in which groups of students have to compete against each other in building their own transport empire. The students compete on winning bidding rounds, hauling and storing goods while at the same time earning the most money.
Ensuring that you have a skilled workforce, that are able to handle the various tasks is essential. The player must train the employees by passing various quizzes, quizzes that can be related to mathematics, language learning etc.

Single- and multiplayer – a cooler way to learn

Cargo Dynasty is best played as a multiplayer game. Playing the multiplayer game, 3-4 students will form their own transport company, and compete against the other companies in the classroom. Teamwork, communication and choosing a strategy is essential for winning the game.
Cargo Dynasty can also be played as a single player game. In the single player version, the student gets an vivid impression of all the tasks and job-functions that are involved in running a transportation company.

Award winning serious game

Cargo Dynasty is the winner of the award: ‘Best Education and Learning Serious Game’ at the Fun&Serious Game Festival.



A short introduction to Cargo Dynasty



More on Cargo Dynasty

The primary target group for Cargo Dynasty game is pupils in the lower secondary education. These students are about to choose an academic or trade school career.
Therefore Cargo Dynasty has been developed to provide a free-to-play computer game, that can attract focus on the career options in the transportation industry thereby attracting new talent to the industry.
Cargo Dynasty has a budget around €1 million and is funded by TSU (The Transport Sector’s Educational Fund).

Facts about Cargo Dynasty:

  • Cargo Dynasty is an online-based, multiplayer game designed for use in teaching in state schools and for students of transport in vocational colleges.
  • Groups of students play against each other, competing to build the best, largest and most profitable haulage company. The game can also be played as a single player game.
  • The DKK 7m spent on its development make Cargo Dynasty the most expensive and largest educational game in the history of Denmark.
  • Cargo Dynasty is financed by TSU (The Transport Sector’s Educational Fund).
  • Cargo Dynasty is developed by TUR Publishing.
  • The actual programming of Cargo Dynasty is conducted by the Danish computer game company, Serious Games Interactive, Denmark’s leading company in the field of educational games.